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We've been delivering certified NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes since 2006, here a selection of what our clients say about our training.

Letters of thanks
Some notes from Satisfied Customers

NLP Training - Practitioner

Debbie H.R. Manager - Liverpool

I have recently finished my NLP Practitioner course with George and absolutely loved it! 

I completed my course over weekends due to other commitments during the week and now really miss my monthly training sessions.

George is extremely knowledgeable and puts people at ease very quickly - he explains principles in a clear, fun and memorable way.

I developed skills that I could take away and use from the very first session so I put my learning into practice immediately.

What a fascinating topic NLP is and when you book this course with George, you will definitely be glad you did! 

John D. - Director NHS

Hi all

I just wanted to say hello and let you all know what s been happening.

Well I don't eat bread. I have succumbed a few times but felt yuk straight after so it's definitely off agenda. The thought of it makes me feel yuk. So that's worked. Still need to sort diet out though which I am working on.

But the main piece of news I wanted to share was when I was on the course we did an exercise about a journey on where we where and where we may want to go. Well that was a very powerful exercise as everything I walked through with my eyes closed has happened.

I went back into work and the director of ops job had come up. I told my boss straight away I was ready for it. 2 weeks later I went to interview and guess what? I got it! So huge thanks to all of you, Angie, Julie and of course you George.

I try to use nlp daily now. It was the best learning I have done for years so I just wanted to share my experience with you and say thank you.

Hope to see you soon and George I will definitely welcome that offer for a follow up visit.

Angie I hope you are enjoying the benefits from the learning too.

Take care


Paul C. - Merseyside, Feb 2017

I just wanted to thank you again for providing such an enjoyable course and experience.

It's one of the best (if not the best) things I've ever done, and I've been telling everyone who might be interested how highly I recommend it.

Mr. Mark J. - Shropshire

Thanks George

I enjoyed the course a lot and am amazed that:

it goes on and on....

Andy C. - Liverpool

Hi George, it was strange getting up on Saturday morning and not coming to the Raquet Club – I missed it greatly!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 days, it was a great experience and I have learned and am learning so much………………so much so I am keen for more and was curious as to when I am going to receive the first of the daily emails?

Once again thank you for a tremendous course! Andy.

Yvonne H. - Merseyside

From the cheery welcome on first picking up the telephone to enquire about the course, having been let down badly by another training provider, to the simple and effective joining instructions and the course itself, George and Julie have been professional, experienced, friendly and very approachable.

George guides you through the teachings with stories and personal experiences to deepen your understanding and leave you motivated, excited and empowered to go out and put the course into practice.

George is effective in simplifying the detail and jargon within NLP and with the accreditation being authorised by the co creator of NLP, Richard Bandler you are assured of the very best training and a fully recognised qualification.

I honestly recommend George, Julie and NLP Liverpool and if you like me want to take control of your future and make it positive and rewarding contact NLP Liverpool now.

Mr. John L. - Wirral

I have just completed my NLP Licensed Practitioner course with NLP Liverpool.

At the start of the course I wrote down three goals:-

Under the expert guidance and teaching of George Cunningham, I have exceeded my first goal by 100% and feel both excited and confident about fulfilling the other two.

George has a style and elegance that makes learning both joyful and fun.

He is meticulous, thorough, patient, personable and kind.

I thoroughly recommend anyone who is thinking of training in NLP to Contact NLP Liverpool and experience the Cunningham factor! You'll be glad you did.

Thanks a lot George, John L. - Wirral.

Mr. Paul C. - Shropshire

This is just a quick email to say thank you very much for the practitioner training. It really opened my eyes to a number of things and trance-formed me from a pretty miserable human being to someone who has rediscovered resources which he had forgotten even existed. Anyway, thank you again.

Best wishes, Paul C. - Shropshire.

Rosemary S. - Shropshire

Hi George and Julie,

Thank you SO much for all your time, energy and hospitality over the last couple of weeks.

I feel the whole experience was very helpful personally and professionally.


NLP Training - Master Practitioner

Steve B. – Leicestershire

Thoroughly enjoyed doing my Master Practitioner course with George and must say a BIG thank you to both George & Julie for their kindness, time & hospitality.

What sets this course apart is how it was tailored to my learning needs with the 1-to-1 as well as group attention in a special and fun learning environment, with humour never far away!

George took the time to explain in a light-hearted way that I understood, providing necessary background information while gently guiding me to develop my own toolkit and incorporate into practising a wide range of techniques - for example, I developed full mastery of intricate techniques such as Changing Personal History, Timelines & Swish Patterns.

This intense 10 day course embedded many of the learnings while also achieving personal growth and overcoming some long-standing issues.

I know I learned so much during these 10 days to utilise in so many areas of my life and feel considerably more confident in practising and using NLP now!

Vanessa O. - Wirral

I've just finished my NLP master practitioner with George and I strongly recommend it. George knows so much about NLP and his teaching skills are great.

I did my practitioner course in London directly with Richard Bandler, who is a legend and incredible at what he does and fantastic to watch.

I did my masters course with George in a small group where I had opportunities to interact, practice, and deep dive into techniques.

As a result, I feel that I learned a lot more and now feel more confident to put NLP into practice. I would strongly recommend George Cunningham as both an expert NLP practitioner, trainer and all round nice guy.

Angela B. - Wirral

Here’s a massive thank you for the superb training I’ve received at NLP Liverpool.

As a trainer, George got better and better bringing all the elements of NLP together so eloquently that at times the learning felt simply effortless.  Each day was packed full of practice and with Georges humour I’ve never had so much fun on a training course.

I’ve grown in confidence so much as a practising therapist. I notice each day since training how I’ve learnt much more than I consciously know, it’s such a delight feeling all the pieces fall into place.

You’re utterly brilliant, I continue to recommend you and if you run any update courses you can count me in!


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