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"NLP for Marketing and Communication"

FREE Lunchtime Learning Session – Wednesday 4th August 12:30 – 1:30

We'll spend an hour teaching you about persuasion, language patterns, representational systems and submodalities.

We'll be looking at good (& bad) practice in advertising and marketing and show you how subtle changes in language and visuals can make a huge difference to your advertising materials.

A better understanding of buyer psychology and the use of NLP will help you make your marketing materials more effective.

Also useful for communicating with your teams where you are "selling" ideas. Remember, whatever you do ... everything involves "sales".

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Everyone will find it useful, everyone is welcome.

We've been running our NLP Practice Group for 16 years, and as always, there will be a warm welcome, interesting people, lots of laughing and learning. The tea, coffee, buffet and biscuits can be found in your kitchen, you'll be joining a great community of people interested in personal development.

We hope to see you there.

NLP for All at The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool
From NLP novice to Master Practitioner and beyond, everyone is welcome.

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